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Help with Slade

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I have figured out how to use any image I want as a wall texture. The only problem is that the colors are completely off.

A friend of mine asked me to make him a custom level. I want to throw in a funny picture of him that I edited to just give him a chuckle. When I add the texture in doombuilder, it looks fine. But when I test the map, the texture is a mess and barely recognizable.

I added the texture as follows in slade.

1. Archive > New > Entry
2. Archive > Import Files
a. Selected CODY.JPEG
3. Selected CODY > Graphic > Convert to...

Then the window pops up. I select Convert to Doom gfx (paletted). Under graphic and converted graphic, I have Existing/Global selected for both. Transparency is enabled. Existing with threshold is at 0.

Then I do Archive > New > Entry and type in TX_END, then save the file as CODY.wad.

I just want to know how to make the picture look exactly as it does in it's original state when I use it as a texture in doom.

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Then you shouldn't convert it to "Doom gfx (paletted)", but to "PNG (truecolor)", AND use a port with OpenGL renderer to play the game. Software renderer has a limited palette to 256 colors as defined in PLAYPAL, it cannot display other colors. Conversion to "Doom gfx (paletted)" will automatically convert all colors to the nearest matching ones in the palette. Software renderer will do it with all graphics during the game's runtime, even with PNGs. Only the OpenGl renderer will display truecolor graphics exactly properly.

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scifista42 said:

Then you shouldn't convert it to "Doom gfx (paletted)", but to "PNG (truecolor)"

Thank you, that did the trick!

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