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Earth On Hell Version 1.5 Tell me what you think

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This is version 1.5 of the WAD I previously mentioned and got feedback on. This contains 3 maps and 2 are actually done. The first map is incomplete so I made the wall immediately behind you finish the level so you can get to the others. Map 2 is a new one and is relatively short but I really like it. It's more or less a rough draft so point out the flaws and help me out with it. And finally Map 3 is the map that I posted last time but I fixed a lot of the problems. The differences are: less demons, moved red key, removed bars that block you after leaving teleporter, switched some barons to hell knights, got rid of crappy mountains in all but one part, moved some ammo and guns around, slightly stretched claustrophobic areas, fixed tutti frutti, and fixed some mirroring issues. The only big issue remaining is the maze :( but I lit up a path to follow so you can run right through it because I'm going to remove the maze later.

I hope to release this WAD to the public and it will eventually contain 8-10 levels. I'm looking for one other mapper that is willing to make like 2-3 levels. It is also 100% compatible with Chocolate Doom!

Please leave feedback on MAP02 and 03, and thanks for helping me out!

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