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Azan yousuf

Demo questions

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Thanks to all who helped. I was thinking how to put parameters in the doom 95 port. In the dm95fix notepad file it says that put -maxdemo 512 so how to put it. Thanks

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According to this thread, which already answered you, you can't: http://www.doomworld.com/vb/source-ports/72493-cant-record-with-doom-95/

doom95 -record mymap05 -skill 4 -warp 5 -nowarn -nomonsters -file mm2.wad
should work.
I personally never tested -maxdemo in Doom95, but it never hurts to try as they say.
I think you have to only have one IWAD present to launch the game from the command-line, IIRC.

http://classicdoom.com/doomparm.htm for more info.

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You may need "-nodm" on the commandline to make "-maxdemo" work, otherwise the launcher comes up and Doom95 ignores your params.
Perhaps we misunderstand your "how" question. Right-click on Doom95.exe in Windoze Explorer -> Create Shortcut. Edit the shortcut's Target field by adding those parameters in there after the exec. Does this help?

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