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Chaos Theory [2 and 1/4th maps to play ] (megawad attempt)

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Old maps from a year or so ago when I got back into mapping
Was another attempt at a megawad... it aimed for big maps which probably wasn't good
At least I learned a lot when making it and stuff :P
Pretty proud of map01 :s

Limit-Removing Doom 2


Chaos Theory Episode 1: Harmonious Optimism Via Deus Ex Machina
- 2 and 1/4 maps (supposed to be 6 in the first episode)
- a picture of concept art for maps 6-8 I think (flying fortress and floating islands)
- another wad with a map not finished but wanted to exorcise

Would really like to make all the maps sometime and put in all the concepts and ideas that I had for it (maybe sometime this millennium if lucky) >.<

So tell me what you think after digging into its digital entrails please

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Wow! The gameplay was very exciting for both maps! But in map01 to fight against that Arch-Vile only with shotgun/chaingun was very tedious. It was weird to play Doom with a sunny day-time setting at first, but I liked it.
But... After a while I started to get tired of all the mishmash of colors/themes. Especially in map02, I found like there was too much stuff overly done, and it ended to be too much confusing imo.
The absence of lighting variation wasnt a good thing.
The secret area in map01 without monsters was very odd, in good way! TBH it left me more impressed than all the realistic toilets and desks.
Overall I think it would be better to do smaller maps and not to concentrate too much on all those small details. You can really see the great effort put on these maps, there are so many nice parts! I would like to see what's up next, keep it up! :)

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Thank you very much! So glad the effort and time spent was appreciated ^_^.
Sorry you thought the arch-vile was tedious, I always jumped down to fight it along with all the other baddies and assumed that would keep it interesting. Sorry you didn't like the colors and themes because I personally love it and satisfies my love for such things so it'll probably be the only "issue" I won't address :P. I see the lack of light variation and that's probably due to the bright sky theme itself since I wanted everything to be pretty and happy sunshiny. The secret area in map01 was the first version of the map and decided to keep it in because I figured why not and make it accessible to the player for fun (there's a soulsphere behind the red key door there btw). I'll probably allow access to parts like that in other levels too since I have them but didn't get around to connecting them to the map itself.

I'm definitely most motivated to get back on the project sometime knowing someone really liked it and wants more (but that won't be for a long time >.<). The maps will probably still be big-ish but I'll probably not detail as much or at least be more wise about where I put it considering my updated mapping principals.

So hopefully Chaos Theory Episode 1 will be released sometime in the next year or so along with the "story" to my little Doom universe.

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I had another run on the maps. I noticed that yesterday I missed to play map03: very fun map, too bad it "ended" so soon.
All the maps have a really funny gameplay and the locations are always interesting. This time I liked more the colors and the themes. The style is really particular, and after passing the first impact personally I started to love it. :)
Also I liked the music, it reminds me a lot of MegaMan; are those tracks picked from games of the series?

SuperCupcakeTactics said:

it'll probably be the only "issue" I won't address :P

And please dont do it, its not even an issue. At least to me its more interesting to see wads with different/particular styles rather than seeing a same generic one.

I played the single map, there are some missing textures. Gameplay it was all right and like the other maps there are lots of interesting parts.

A thing I noticed in all the maps: the areas are mostly orthogonal-based, using more curves and different shapes will help you make more interesting/complex architectures.

Please keep working on this wad ;)

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Map01 music is Rhythm Emotion - Start Up Theme from Gundam Wing: Endless Duel
Map02 music is Nitro Man from Megaman 10
Map03 music is Mercurius / Vayeate from Gundam Wing: Endless Duel

Yes it's pretty orthogonal and that starts to change in map03 (didn't really think about that or notice much until you pointed it out >.<).
Thanks for the motivation it will help aid in my return to this project! :D

PROTIP: Use toaster

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I really love your architecture and the new textures, but the sky is by far my favourite, I mean it's a beautiful resource to something I want to do at the moment.

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FDAs. These maps are right up my alley. Incredible stuff! Everything I like about Doom is maximally and flawlessly condensed here. The maps were exhaustingly elaborate, but as soon as I finished one, I just wanted more of it! The variety. The intensity! The immersion, complete movement freedom, exploration factor, imaginative shapes of architecture, fun run-and-gun gameplay, never tedious, never dull, strong and distinct music, everything feels right! Even the amount of inseriousness feels right (and makes the game twice as fun). First impression is a mess, but second and third impressions make me believe that these are the most competently done overdetailed maps ever, and not a mess at all. You are my favorite mapper now, you topped both Mouldy and Memfis. Keep up the good work, please!

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