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Doomkid's Duelzones! [Release version, FINALLY]

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Hello once again my beautiful little Doomies out there, and welcome to Doomkid's Duelzones.

DOWNLOAD: http://www.mediafire.com/download/056hwcv6c2fym8w/KID_DUEL.zip

Here we have 7 duel maps which I've worked very hard on perfecting. I know it's a bit less than my previous releases, but the lesson here is quality over quantity!

Screenshots below:

The texturing is cleaner than my old stuff, but more importantly, the item and weapon placement is far superior. These are designed to be true skilltesters - You'll have to know exactly what weapon to use and when to defeat your foes, and use of enviromental cover is crucial to victory. Simply put, I went in with a "designed for tournament use" mentality.

A big thankyou to MrCrispy, Decay, Ru5tK1ng, The_Miano and a few other beauties out there for your critiques and advice while constucting this set. It's because of your input that these turned out nicely, rather than just another "king of the items" DK_DM mapset. I'd also like to give a major thanks to Krawa for having hosted these on ZDS - You rule, man!

As always, I appreciate ANY feedback - even if you want to berate me, something is always better than nothing!


(P.S. - If someone could be so kind as to upload this to /idgames, I'd be most grateful. I'm using a very limited internet set up - thethering via a SIM card, yikes - so I'm unable to upload it myself. Thankyou!)

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Nice looking 90's style levels. I'd like to see some more singleplayer wads from you sometime.

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Thanks man :) I do have a small SP pack in the works, hopefully not too far off!

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