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Base Dun 0 (beta 2 wip)

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Second Beta of Base Dun 0, a small-medium size map, download link.
Targets ZDoom 2.7.1. running alongside cc4-tex.wad, download cc4tex here.

Thanks to those who left feedback and demos for the first beta. This has undergone tweaking, testing, fiddling, detailing, and adding an additional area or two. Tell me if anything is broken or odd, or if you like it or don't, and have a great weekend!

Original post in spoiler tags:


The map doesn't go overboard in ZDoom features and is more similar to Boom style gameplay. I know it's not popular for demos, but if you would like to make one the map targets ZDoom 2.7.1 (last official release). I just can't shake ZDoom, it does everything I want more easily :) Map 01 slot, difficulty not implemented yet. Map is in a completable state. Looking for feedback, demos, bugs and alcohol.

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Here's a ZDoom 2.7.1 fda.

This was fun little romp, not too tough. I played pretty lazily and had a few close calls, though. It was nice to see the way the map was laid out so the player has several options to pick from at the beginning. I found both arch-viles to be almost non-threatening, but the encounters were engaging regardless.

Monster density is noticeably light in most of the map, which serves as an interesting contrast against the occasional points where you're flooded with enemies.

While most of the map looks nice (outdoor areas especially, as well as the area around the berserk pack), the only real criticism I have is that some of the techbase sections look kind of drab and samey. I'm referring to the areas using the texture scheme in that third screenshot. Large areas with nothing but those horizontally-tiling textures easily become visually monotonous.

While the angled and varied architecture already keeps it from looking completely bare, I feel like some more contrasting details (especially using textures or architecture that emphasizes verticality) would go a long way toward improving the atmosphere there.

Thanks for the map. :)

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Another ZDoom 2.7.1 FDA. Two deaths, successful third attempt - once I've accidentally Alt-Tabbed out of the game, so I hope the demo won't desync, which would prevent you from seeing me firing rockets into the empty exit room in the end, which I did just preventively. :)

I liked the map a lot. It looked stylish, music was great, and the gameplay was just appropriately challenging to be more than fun. I didn't think the map was empty. It certainly wasn't cluttered, which I consider a good thing. Actually, navigation and maneuvering were satisfying in this map.

It actually reminded me of UAC Ultra 2, but your map was more colorful and more exciting to play, that's why I liked it even more than that wad.

Good job, and thanks for the experience.

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Thank you gents for your time and demos, although yours did in fact desync shortly after your first second death scifista. You seem to be a very calm and collected player in your movements and actions, reminds me of a memfis demo I have watched in the past.

Mithran, you seemed to take the path of most resistance and minimal ammo, and you still finished it without dying, so I'm calling this map "well-balanced" :p I agree with you about the underground section looking drab... to be honest I don't feel sufficiently creative when it comes to techbase interiors, and tend to put insets and common tropes which I then look at and go "errrr, no." This is the part that has had me stuck for the longest time, but I will attempt to play with lighting and detail and not go overboard (haha yeah right).

With the ending area I just dumped a bunch of Cacodemons in yesterday to see how it goes and to be able to complete the map, but it will most likely get revised. I had 40oz and Zed test this months back and this Caco section is pretty much all I've done since that time and I would just like to get a satisfactory conclusion to the map and call it done. Thank you again guys.

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I had a half an hour, so I grabbed this out of my 'to play' folder. What a fun little map! Texturing is clean, secrets are very findable if you're paying attention. I love the first Revenant dropping out of the ceiling portal. I love the use of height and levels. You don't find a lot of that done well in indoor Doom maps. Very non-orthogonal, but I never felt lost. Died a lot at the first AV. Wasn't expecting everything to teleport in behind me except the AV. That's a killing field.

I laughed when I came upstairs after getting the Red Key. I thought "Why are all these Rockets here?" I grabbed them and headed for the exit, then said "Oh, that's why." Shooting Cacos with Rockets felt Cool/Arcade. I liked it.

Everything felt right and played nicely. My only suggestion would be to change the actual exit. After everything you did to get there, stepping into a pool of water in an exclosed room to finish the level is kind of 'meh'. Stepping off a cliff and ending the level falling in mid-air; climbing an endless rough rock stair, or descending one; something like that would give a feeling of continuation - that there's more to come.

There is more to come, right? Isn't this the first map in a larger project? I certainly hope so. I want to play more, please.

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EffinghamHuffnagel said:

There is more to come, right? Isn't this the first map in a larger project? I certainly hope so. I want to play more, please.

It was originally the plan. Either this map or "Demon Laundry Day" that I used for the Just GZDoom project would be Map 01 in a larger project. Funnily, DLD has the kind of exit you are describing... it's super short with gimmicky gameplay, but I liked it as an easy atmospheric opener with a slight challenge. If you check it out use cc4-tex.wad as well, and yes both maps share the same music because I really like it a lot. I'm thinking megawad with maps just made with that midi ;) In regards to the exit for Base Dun 0, it's like the end Cacodemon group in that I just threw it in yesterday and it will be revised. Thanks for coming and sharing your comments, really appreciated.

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