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"Skins" Textures need some touch

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well my graphical power dont help anything whit "advanced" textures and the skin texture need to combine better since when i was mapping to freedoom on hell theme is a pain since the "skin" texture dont match whit the other tipes, also we need to fix "FIREWALA" since when they are tiled correctly in angled wall they looks like a "dancing red pickachu tail while scroll ouver".

Example wad demonstrating all:

A screenshot only to be a initial example of what i mean:

EDIT: forget to say this map is fd1 - use e1m1

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Do you mean SKINBORD and SKSPINE1? Because the original Doom textures don't match there, and changing it might break some levels.

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maybe you dont noticed the "metal+skins" area:

there's a clear sight of the damaged ones have a bad contrast and texturing the normal ones look perfect.

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