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Need help finding a RL DOOM-like pedestal

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probably a long shot question.... but I've been googling all day and still cannot find anyone who makes/sells anything similar pedestals and stands that represent something similar to these:



I intend to use it as a stand for a signed NeXTStation Turbo Color system that I picked up off Romero's personal spring cleaning ebay listings, and then affix the DOOM "Knee Deep In The Dead" exclusive statue that just went up for sale atop of it.

I'd like somehow to mod the stand to get skull eyes to glow red, and a fountain bath at the bottom to somehow get a pump to get some fake blood colored water and red lighting on it.

Course what I'm probably looking for is a custom Halloween prop of some sort since it'll have to be modded (and not a concrete pedestal)

Any recommendations or anyone might know of any site out there that would even remotely sell anything of that sort? Sadly, Halloween isn't anywhere near by and I've even searched stuff like "Wiccan ceremonial stands".... nothing quite similar (though have found some gargoyle-esque ones)

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Look for local stores that deal in gardening and lawn ornaments. You won't find anything exact unless you make it yourself or modify something existing. Or commission someone to make one for you.

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Other idea I just thought of is adapting the 3d model from jdoom and cranking it out on a 3d printer. That's if you want to go really crazy short of commissioning someone.

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SYS said:

Other idea I just thought of is adapting the 3d model from jdoom and cranking it out on a 3d printer. That's if you want to go really crazy short of commissioning someone.

That's actually a really good idea, and one easily overlooked as I keep forgetting 3d printers are a thing now, even if I don't see them everyday.

Hmmmmm... wonder if there's local shops that can print something of that scale. I'll start looking into that. Thanks SYS!


Also starting to narrow down some of them and (hoping) im now in the right direction:


maybe digging around deeper for haunted/horror house props and Halloween props will dig up more, but usually anything Halloween related is cheap foam crap of that size.


getting even closer...




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