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Earth On Hell Project

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Okay, some of you may know that I am making a Doom II WAD called Earth On Hell and I would like 2 or 3 mappers to create one or two maps each to help me add diversity. I have finished 3 maps completely and have started on my fourth but I'm planning to have somewhere around 10-12 in the end. BTW you don't need to be a mapping god to make a map for this WAD as I still consider myself average at the process, so it's not like this WAD is going to be 100% perfect.

The rules are simple:

-It has to be compatible with non limit removing ports such as Chocolate Doom
-The levels should be medium length but I will accept shorter maps (5-15 mins)
-Make the map with Co-Op in mind, aka put down player starts and make sure there is enough room for more than one person
-You don't need any particular theme but keep the theme you choose consistent in your map
-I'm going to place your map in a slot that compliments it's difficulty, so make the map as hard or easy as you want
-Keep monsters under 250, unless you really need more
-You can use custom textures but don't go overboard
-Have fun, if you lose interest just PM me and I will finish your map

Here are some screenshots of my finished maps:


EDIT: I also forgot to mention that I am writing a custom MIDI for every single map, however if you want to write one for your own map (or just have a custom MIDI you want to use) tell me and I won't write a song for your level.

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There are currently more than 5 active community projects on the first page of Wads & Mods, each of them interesting in some way, not 'just a wad'. I suspect these projects will draw attention of available mappers better. Why don't you consider contributing to one of these projects too?

Regarding your screenshots, try to vary up the texturing monochromity and fix texture misalignments, then they should be OK.

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There are no spaces left in The Ultimate Doom In Name Only. And the last space was filled in Joe-Ilya's right? I also have never mapped in Heretic/Hexen before so I don't think I could contribute a very good map to that project. If there is anything I'm missing I would gladly join though.

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