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UDMF and Doors... Help?

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I'm fiddling around with UDMF in GZDoomBuilder, and half of the doors I have work, and the other half do not.

I've tried various methods to troubleshoot, but none of them have yielded favorable, or preferred results.

Here's a handy link to those who can check my issues, and give me a rundown of whats happening, and why my doors are malfunctioning.


Edit: I prefer to have the doors in this map be bump to open rather than use. There's a lift that's not acting as a lift and is simply lowering to the activated floor, and not moving back up.

Edit 2: Using custom textures too. So a lot of missing texture placements abound.

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Both sides of your door have to have a special that opens the door. DB2/GZDB has a door creator built in (highlight or select a sector and press Shift-D), which is a good start. After using that you can just modify the line specials to your liking.

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Doors are always activated by linedefs with door specials.
All the linedefs must be set up properly:
-Correct action. Generic Door, or Door Open, etc etc. Check ZDoom wiki to learn correct usage of each particular action.
-Correct parameters. Tag, speed, delay etc. For example, door with Speed = 0 will obviously not move, because it will move 0-fast.
-Correct way of activation. "Player presses use", or "Player bumps", and/or "Repeatable action" (if you want it to be repeatable), etc.
-Correct orientation. Pressable / bumpable walls must always be directed towards the player who tries to activate them. Linedef's front side is indicated by the short line in the middle of a linedef.

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