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a suggestion for a cool airattack-scene

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you step outside, thinking why it's so silent. no monsters? just a road and a plain of grass on the left and right. the wind howls. you start walking straight on the road. suddenly, the sky darkens. you look up and see hundreds of little dots, coming towards you, from far, far away. the hellish airforces. they start spitting fireballs, so it's like it's raining fire. the fireballs burns the ground, leaving a flash of flame, that gets closer you as the fireballs reaches the line you're standing confusely. the fire burns your feet and you run like a madman, trying to get some place to get cover and start shooting those bastards down with your rocket launcher.

give me more cooler and better suggestions!

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niguel said:

wtf i just figured out this has jumped here. dammit.

Well, if it has a 'shape' like a fanfic, it belongs in the fanfic forum - simple.

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