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PSX DOOM Hacking

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I´m new in Doom modding and currently i´m working on my first Doom mod. I also converted some of the maps into GBA Doom for portable mod. There is some gameplay: https://youtu.be/757oVCt3T5s

I hope, that there is somebody who can help me with this and answer my questions- Kaiser maybe ?

GBA is good, but PSX is better, so I decited to try PSXMAKE for another conversion. I downloaded PSXMAKE,Doom PSX in bin and cue images. I modified one pc map for PSX (with my own PSX texture pack) and then with GlBSP Node builder I created nodes for PSXMAKE and with LBSP.exe Leaf file. Then I used -psxCmp to convert the map into PSX wad. With help of this quide- http://z4.invisionfree.com/Resident_Evil_1_2_3/index.php?showtopic=625 I inserted the map into the bin file. Unfortunately the map was bigger so I created new LBA. When I started the game it doesn´t loaded at all. It started without sound and then it had frozen on the William´s logo. When I tried it again with smaller map-just one small room. The size was smaller than the original. It started but on loading screen before the menu it frozen again. This time there was a sound btw. Also I cant´t find the table with lights values. I want to ask if somebody don´t have any idea what I should do and if there is some documentation about psxmake, because I can´t find anything. I wonder why there is a option to convert pc map into psx without compressing ? If everthing is compressed what is the reason to create uncompressed files ? And the last: MAPTEX contains list of textures for levels, I´m right ? Then I must use only the textures which were used in the original map or there is a way to modify them ? Sorry, my english is not the best.

Thanks for help.

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Last time I checked, an iso for pax doom will freeze in emulation, if that is what your testing it with. I also heard that its not easy to make your own maps for psx, as the new maps need to be exactly the same size as the originals..

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Out of curiosity, what interested you in hacking the jagdoom based ports? Also, welcome to the forums!

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Thanks. I'm trying to create GBA port of my pc mod. It´s not completed yet but he will be released with this GBA port as portable option. Also it´s interesting to play custom Doom maps on phone. GBA maps must be also in the same size as the original so this is not the main problem(although inserting simplified GBA maps into PSX Doom is a horrible idea. Doom 1 PSX is a good example.). PSX is much better and cooler as the GBA port. One time the hacked PSX rom started, but in the starting room where no textures and then it crashed. PSX mod it´s not very important when I have GBA in 70% done but it can be interesting to have more portable ports.

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