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add-ons with real-life weapons?

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I've tried quite a few (counterstrike doom, call of duty/real guns hardcore) but they tend to not get along with pwads or come with a game mode that breaks when you try to play with a normal level. I'm sure it's possible to do a bit of editing to make them co-operate, but I'm still interested in what else is out there. I'm not after anything super-realistic (reloading can be very annoying) but I'll consider anything.

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Realm667 has a bunch of real world weapons, like M16s, AK47s, Glocks and Micro Uzis, a Winchester Yellowboy, a H&K G3, and more. Some more realistic weapons from games like PowerSlave and Blood have also been converted for Doom. Obviously they're standalone weapons, but they can be feasibly put together ina mod and be made to replace existing weapons, I believe.

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