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Here's a dark ambient piece for you all

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Glad you liked it!

Never heard of this lovecraftian until now. After listening to a few tracks on Youtube, I really like the tonality of lovecraftian music. I might take a stab at it somewhere down the road.

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Very nicely done! I enjoyed this a lot. Reminds me a ton of the dark ambient music Jaxxoon R was creating a little while back. I think your description of the piece as "an ominous dark ambient track that would be heard in a Haunted House under the ocean" definitely hits the nail on the head. It certainly sounds like you accomplished what you set out to produce. Very eerie stuff :]

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Thanks a lot!

I really wanted to make something that was more eerie and nightmarish and I think it turned out great. Also, glad you enjoyed the description as well!

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