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Zen Dynamics broken?

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I'm posting this since Xaser never responded to be my PM :c

I tried out Zen Dynamics but I get the same problem in both the latest Zandronum 2.0 and GZDoom SVN build (gzdoom-g2.1.pre-752-g7701d54).

Whenever I pickup a weapon it comes up with the error:

P_Startscript: unknown script 779

When I try to reload a weapon it comes up with:

P_Startscript: unknown script 778

Is their something I'm missing? Tried with and without the addtional black gloves replacement (zenblack.wad)

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None of that happens to me, neither in Zandronum 2.0, nor in GZDoom g2.1.pre-343-g717c82e.

The scripts are inside zendyn_x.wad, properly between A_START and A_END markers. I don't know where's the problem.

Are you using any autoloaded mod with colliding custom LOADACS / scripts?

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Nope, using a fresh copy of GZDoom with a fresh config and tried versions on /idgames, Wad Archives and Best Ever still the same issue.

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Hmm, i had some issues when playing Zen Dynamics online in Zandro 2.0, through the game was still playable there were some really annoying things, such as the texts which pressing use key did nothing.
Looks like Zen Dynamics needs some updates.

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