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Enemy behaviours

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scifista42 said:

Barrel dynamics are actually much more complex than that.

The gist of it is that if a "healthy" barrel is destroyed in a single hit, then no "barrel destroyer" is registered, and no infighting (if it was destroyed by a monster) or player hunting starts.

In order for a barrel to "transfer blame", they must first be damaged little enough as to NOT blow up, and ONLY THEN they register someone to "blame". When they finally blow up, the "blame" goes to the one who damaged it last without blowing it up, not to the one delivering the finishing blow.

In other words, it's possible to blow up a barrel and have someone else "take the blame" ;-) This is a bug due to how the barrel handling code works: an attacker is registered only if the barrel survives a hit from that attacker, and the barrel passes on this "attacker information" to its victims, if not null.

This is also why "barrel chain infighting" usually doesn't work in vanilla Doom and other ports than don't modify this behavior: barrels in a chain all blow up in a single hit, and no "transmission of blame" is possible. Some ports alter this behavior so it's possible to "transmit blame" down such chains.

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scifista42 said:

That's what is written on the page I linked to, too. :)

Well, seems like someone took my findings to heart, finally ;-)

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I noticed something weird on map 13 (Downtown) of Doom 2, seems like a good place to ask about it:

In the outside area by the entrance to the blue key room there are 4 cacodemons next to eachother, lets call the cacodemon furthest to the south for cacodemon 1 and then up to cacodemon 4 that is furthest north. When I fire at the start of the map cacodemon 1 and 3 will wake up and start moving towards me, while cacodemon 2 and 4 will stay idle and only wake up when they are in line of sight.

I see no difference\reason why 2 of the cacodemons will wake up while 2 will stay idle, anyone know why this is?

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Maybe they are simply marked as deaf in the map?

Edit: checked in DB, and indeed, Things 127 and 128 are cacodemons marked as deaf. Their companions, 129 and 130, are not. For that matter, those two non-deaf cacodemons only appear in the Hard difficulty setting.

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Linguica said:

So, yeah, the result is that even if a monster has never seen or "heard" the player, going back to idle in a sector where a gunshot has been heard before will instantly wake the monster back up and set that player as their target.

I made a WAD that demonstrates this behavior:

How to use:
The start room will exploit the soundtarget behavior. If you shoot in this room, our test subject will wake up and come after you, if you don't shoot it will not.
So, after shooting (or not) go out of the room and get the chaingunner to attack the baron. Then press both switches. This will teleport both monsters into the starting room. If you didn't shoot in the starting room, the baron will fall asleep after killing the chaingunner. If you did shoot, the baron will come after you. You'll also hear its wake up sound right after it kills the chaingunner.
Works as expected in PrBoom-plus. Not in GZDoom.

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