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[Release] Laz Rojaz' WolfenDoom for ZDoom

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Version 1.31 has been released.


This service release was necessary after a report about Rheingold Ep.2 which contained a game-breaking bug in the last map.



- ACS code integrated into patch wad for: Original Missions, Nocturnal Missions, Spear of Destiny
- Operation Rheingold Ep.2: Wooden barriers in MAP06 now unpassable as intended (map-breaking bug!); hanging corpse in MAP04 can no longer be collected; dog food no longer counts towards item percentage; transparency fixes for some hanging corpses

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Cool to see these changes. I only did custom engines for Original, Nocturnal and SOD as you correctly observed. It was an effort to get closer to the original games, whereas everything else was a bit more Doom gameplay style influenced. I would have to refer back to the original code - if I can find it. I do have a lot of my old Doom stuff archived still but am unsure if that survived. It was based on Boom 2.02 if I remember correctly. I am reasonably sure I altered the damage giving code so that armour was not a factor. So you still had a number going up to roughly approximate picking up treasure, but that number never went down on taking damage and you did not benefit from it. I may be remembering wrong though. Although thinking about this has painted rather amusing images in my head of BJ running around with treasure chests duct taped to his body as improvised armour.

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Found the Spear of Destiny code but nothing else. Also found an attempt at a conversion to Eternity that I have no memory whatsoever of doing and pretty sure I never got got around to releasing. When I get a moment I will explore it and report back.

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Posted (edited)

That's an interesting insight. I hopefully found a compromise here. Collecting armor will increase the items counter, but it won't give you actual armor and caps at 100% once you have found all (One-Ups still also count, though). It's not a score counter like in Wolf3D or some WolfenDoom mods, but it gets the job done.

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