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A few doombuilder questions

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1) How do I get it to recognise custom key colours, and monsters such as the Bellerophon? They come up as normal colours, and the Bellerophon comes up as a zombie. How do wad authors make custom keys if editors can only handle the standard colours?

2) In visual mode, even if I add the wad as a resource wad as required, I still get a lot of undefined textures and flats, like this:

3) Also... is there any way to open pk3 files? Or maybe even convert them to wads? I thought Slade would be able to do this.

Finally... I'd like to play slaughterfest maps with only about 10% of the monsters. Is there any batch command to delete that many, or would I have to do it by hand?

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Since the custom tree sprite is displaying as solid white (indicating that the palette wasn't loaded), it looks like you loaded the resource wad for the map, but not the game IWAD (probably Doom2.wad). You can configure an IWAD (and/or other resources if need be) to load by default for each game configuration in Doom Builder, in the Game Configurations dialog under the Tools menu.

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