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Anyone knows what this means? (russian? something East european)

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That would be "Petter" if you take some liberties with mixing alphabets and cases -those downward-pointing "E"s would be cyrillic "T"s, and the final latin R...well, it should be a final latin R, otherwise it would have to be a backwards facing Cyrillic "Ya", and it would read "Petteya".

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Maybe you've been marked by the Mafiya, and those are gang signs, yo.

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Doesn't mean anything I think, though, the second one is probably "Pemmer", not "Petter".



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darkreaver said:

This is on the wall just inside the door:

Know what it means?

This is like, faux-faux cyrillic or something with the upside down Ш's and backward Я.

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Archi said:

the second one is probably "Pemmer", not "Petter".

These are not Latin m, the straight tops indicate Cyrillic cursive т, so your second comment is right on the money. Besides, "Petter" makes more sense than "Pemmer".

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Hello,darkreaver.Your building has been vandalized by some bad-ass Serb. The first pic says Magnus Hansen (maybe http://en.memory-alpha.org/wiki/Magnus_Hansen) ,and the other one would look like PEPPPPER,with all letters Serbian Cyrillic, except the last one (r),which is written in Latin.So, my advice would be that you look for a neighbor of a Serbian origin,or someone who recently had guests from Serbia, and introduce them with a paint/repair bill :)

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