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IQM format and Vertex arrays.

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Been trying to export animated models into the supposedly "better" IQM format. But it's always complaining about missing vertex arrays.

But the exporter doesn't show me any information on what I can do to fix this. And there doesn't seem to be any tutorials around on the subject either. Closest I've got is to read some programmers writings on the subject in the IQM format's files. WHich is safe to say is of limited help at best for someone who's actually looking to use the format for modeling.

So is there anyone here who got experience with the format and how it's used/exported?

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Think the exporter I used doesn't actually work as it's meant to. Everywhere I look they only use Noesis for reviewing their IQM models, not for exporting to the format.

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Is this exporter for Blender? I think I tried it sometime. Can't remember if it worked or not. Compiling from SMD files to IQM with Noesis worked ok at least. I also tried PSK/PSA export fro Blender.

But there's just something wrong with all the skeletal formats. The shading in every one of them is broken. I'd understand if the shading was broken in UV seams, but it's just "randomly" broken everywhere.

So now I'm just exporting MD3 from Blender and shading is good all around. Note that the MD3 compiled from SMD with DPModel.exe also have broken shading. Could be that the exporters for skeletal formats in Blender are kinda broken. Noesis only breaks the shading from UV seams.

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No, it's the exporter in Noesis. I tried converting from FBX. Worked fine with MD3, but wouldn't convert into a usable IQM. But Noesis would still be able to read it at least.

As for the fucked up normals. That's pretty evident in MD3 for me, a lot more so than I ever had with MD5 for instance. With MD5 I always exported from 3d Studio, and that would automate new smoothing groups wich would always result in some screwed up normals. But I also read that MD5 is supposedly applying smoothing dynamically on each frame on animation as it is animated in game.

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