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A teleport to respawn or some kind of teleporter?

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Ok so, the problem is that sometimes i need to teleport from any place to the respawn point, or teleport to the place where i'm looking at, and do that on any map. I'v tried to make ACS scripts such as

script 222 (void) net
Thing_Spawn(1337+PlayerNumber(), "NewTeleport", 0, 222);
Teleport(222, 0, 0)

But no success. So is there any ACS script or something to teleport myself to where ever I look at (like the sm_tele @me @aim)? Or at least teleport my self to respawn point, without editing map entities? Or maybe some kind of "Teleporter weapon", that works like - you teleport where you shot at?

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Take a look at ZPortal. It implements a teleport gun, and I think you can utilize the same principle via ACS. Also take advantage of the fact that the player who activated the script can be referenced via tag 0, you don't need to care about PlayerNumber(). To return the player to the player start, give him an inventory based on ArtiTeleport and make sure that the inventory activates automatically (you might need to make a custom DECORATE class for that). Or you can make the player to spawn a dummy map spot when he enters the map, and this dummy map spot will have a unique tag referenced by the teleport script.

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