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dobu gabu maru

Scrapping an incomplete map

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Rather than just let this thing decay on my harddrive, I figure I'd just throw it out there in case anyone wants to pick at it or ogle at my amateur mapping attempt (this was the third map I started way back in September 2012). It's about 40% finished with most of the fights and details being horribly unbalanced/incomplete (RIP lighting), and I think when you look at it you'll see why I gave up :P

Download The Unholy Trinity—plays on MAP14. Requires SF2011-tex and cc4-tex (you can download those together with the wad here). Crashes PrBoom so you'll have to use PrBoom+ or G/Zdoom. Midi is "SkyCave" by Ribbiks.

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Donate it to Freedoom?

Anyway I can't try it (only have old PrBoom).

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