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Kontra Kommando

Youth Shot Dead at Mother's Day Motorcycle Rally

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This is really messed up. I first heard about this from a graphic raw footage cell phone video I saw on Facebook. It shows peoples reactions to the aftermath of the carnage.

Article said:

NEWARK (WABC) -- There are calls to stop the violence after a teenager was killed in a shooting during the annual Mother's Day motorcycle blessing event in Newark Sunday.

The Essex County Prosecutor says 15-year-old Al-Shakeen Woodson was pronounced dead following the shooting at University Hospital.

Monday evening they wrote notes and left candles for the teen they knew as "Monk".

15-year-old Al Shaheen Woodson. His parents are inconsolable.

edit by mod: pasting entire articles isn't OK if you just put it in a quote tag

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Typical gun violence in New Jersey. This is nothing new and It's never going away. The failure of NJ's ludicrously strict gun control laws have only made its cities crime rate increase. I can't wait to for the day (hopefully soon) I move out of this craphole state.

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