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Are there any wads made for the psxdoom/n64 doom tc's?

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They'd be interesting to play. I know the n64 tc has an editor, but not psx doom as far as I know.

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Closest thing I can think of.


Also it's worth noting that D64 EX (The "The successor" to the D64 tc) has its own doom builder version while I'm sure PSX Doom has some sort of preset for DB. I'm sure you can make PSX Doom levels based off of just the decorate entries DB should pick up.

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There has been interest from some members about making PSX style maps, but at present everyone who's capable of doing this seems to be involved in other projects. I think maybe the limitations of PSX Doom may put some mappers off.

I started converting an old 1994 map to PSX style. Quite fun, if somewhat tedious, but I never had time to fiddle about with lighting, coloured sectors etc.

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