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Adding New Episodes

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So I'm making a wad that merges Ultimate Doom and Doom 2 together,it also adds new enemies and weapons.
The Ultimate Doom and Doom 2 maps work perfectly.
So I want to add both games' levels as episodes

"Which Episode?
Doom 2
Knee Deep In The Dead
The Shores Of Hell"

You get it.

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First of all, there is no way this can be done in vanilla doom...
now that I got that out of the way, here's some advice:

1. The Playstation Doom TC technically merges the two games together, but aside from the Nightmare Spectre, there are no "new enemies and weapons".

2. You should probably use a scripting engine like ACS for this type of mod. You should begin by checking to make sure doom.wad and doom2.wad are genuine. Then you could make a script to use both iwad resources without causing complications and creating a menu from there. I can't help you with this journey, as I don't really know how to code this, but it could work...

3. If you want to make "new enemies and weapons", make sure they stay in the doom style. It would be disconcerting to be fighting standard doom(2) monsters then face an MS Paint abomination from the bowels of Terry...

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Depends on what engine you are using. With ZDoom, you can add extra episodes by MAPINFO. More specific info on adding extra episodes can be found here. It's pretty simple to use, once you figure it out.

ZDoom can load multiple WADs along with each other automatically (assuming the game can find them) by using the GAMEINFO lump.

You might do the same with the Final Doom IWADs, but it would be kind of messy, and you would have to clear up any conflicts between the textures that there might be. Probably better to just use them as IWADs.

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