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Some cool Doom images I found on Tumblr

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This might not be news to some, but I'm posting anyway.

Appears to be fanmade. Kind of in the style of the PSX cover, but more cartoony, perfectly fitting for Nintendo's aesthetic.

Some higher resolution images of some of the enemies. They look pretty dated now, but this is still neat.

Probably the best and highest resolution image I've seen of the Doom 64 pentagram.

Cheesy art for a magazine cover featuring the cyberdemon.

Higher resolution image of the Doom 64 cyberdemon, who looks like he's covered in vaseline.

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That third one is pretty cool, though the weird profile angle kinda saps some of the impact, though.

And that C+A+D comic makes me laugh every time.

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Magnusblitz said:

And that C+A+D comic makes me laugh every time.

Is he gripping the male doctor's ass on the third panel?

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The fact that the Doom 64 Cyberdemons sprite seemed to be similarly shaped to the original Cyberdemon sprite used to lead me to believe that they merely edited the original sprite and didn't use an actual 3D model for creating it, but now that I see the high resolution picture of it in one of those magazines it is just confusing now, I mean it's not like they could make a model perfectly the same shape as the original Cyberdemon sprite, but maybe my memory of it is not that great now.

I wonder why they decided to give the Doom 64 Cyberdemon a tan, classically designed demons were usually made either red, pinkish or skin coloured. However you'd think in a sunless place such as hell that they'd be quite pale, unless of course they were occasionally bathed in flames but I doubt higher tiered demons such as the Cyberdemon would be exposed to that kind of punishment.

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