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GZDoom Builder and ZDaemon Missing Textures

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I'm sure this a classic rookie mistake but I am a bit stumped and could use your help.

I've been making a set of CTF maps for my own server on ZDaemon and I am having texture issues.

I'm using GZDoom Builder 2:

Game Config is ZDoom: Doom 2 (Doom Format)

I am using a CTF wad (ZDCTFMPX-b01.wad) for its textures along with the regular doom2.wad.

Building the maps isn't a problem. All the textures load and when I test the maps and they work great. However, when I put them on my server, all the textures I used from the CTF wad show as checkered tiles (i.e. they can't load or they are 'missing')

When i set up my sever i'm using my wad that I created plus the wad that has the textures which is ZDCTFMPX-b01.wad

What am I doing wrong?


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[STL]speed said:
When i set up my sever i'm using my wad that I created plus the wad that has the textures which is ZDCTFMPX-b01.wad

So, does it look like this in the setup?

Game: Doom2: Hell on Earth (doom2.wad)

WADs: ZDCTFMPX-b01.wad

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Yes. But somehow the ZDCTFMPX always takes precedence over my wad and not matter which map name I change it to on the GZBuilder, some how my same map number is the same on ZDCTFMPX.

Like I loaded the ZDCTF wad in GZBuilder just to see what map numbers it used, then I changed my map numbers not to coincide with the map numbers in ZDCTF and still even if I specify my maps numbers to be used in the sever, somehow, it still pulls up a ZDCTF map when playing.

For example, when I loaded ZDCTF in GZBuilder I found that map24 is not being used. So I renamed my map map24. When I load the wads into the server and specify to ONLY play map24 it still pulls a map24 from ZDCTF even though that wad doesn't have a MAP24.

Even if I can pull up my map to play, it still misses the textures.

Regardless, does 'order' matter when pulling them into the server? Like do I HAVE to put the ZDCTF wad first, then pull in my wad?

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Exactly - the order matters, and the last wads will take precedence over the first wads if some of their contents collide (for example maps).

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