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Plane reflection and dynamic lights

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If I use sector_setplanereflection on a sector and then put a dynamic light, the reflections light level stays the same as sectors light level and is not affected by the dynamic light.

Is there a way to make sector reflect dynamic lights?

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If the standard floor reflection feature doesn't reflect them (and the feature is already a massive hack that consumes frame rate quickly), then I guess there is no way to achieve so.

Side note: Doom engine is relatively simple (but damn fast). Maybe you should focus on doing simple things with it, rather than technically complicated effects you keep trying to.

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I kind of wish GZDoom had support for cubic environment mapping since, as you mentioned, the actual floor reflection dissolves the frame-rate and, while not technically true reflections, having an image that warps around as if it was a reflection is very cheap to pull off and can still look very good if pulled off correctly. It's not like it would conflict with Doom's lighting system, either, since it's based on the camera angle.

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