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Score Doom ?

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This is the first time i ever see a Sourceport like this,What is ScoreDoom/ST , what does it do ?, what are the differences between it and other Sourceports ? Anyone here playing it ?

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DMGUYDZ64 said:

What is ScoreDoom/ST , what does it do ?, what are the differences between it and other Sourceports ?

To quote the ScoreDoom FAQ -

What is ScoreDoom?

ScoreDoom attempts to make playing & re-playing Doom wads more fun in both single-player and multi-player co-op, without changing the standard Doom gameplay and feel.

ScoreDoom adds an arcade style scoring system to Doom, similar to Halo3's campaign meta-game. Points are scored when shooting/killing monsters, achieving map objectives, finding secrets & map items in the quickest time possible (as well as scoring points in other ways). In single-player, each wad/wad-episode and level will have its own hi-score which can be set.

Single player has 3 modes, offline hi scoring, regular online hi scoring and hardcore online hi scoring. Offline hi scores are stored locally, online hi scores are stored on a hi score server for all to see. Online hi scoring sends and retrieves hi scores from a central server. Scoredoom has an official server url which players may use, or they may run their own hi score servers, configured to how they like. Regular online hi scoring allows player save games throughout a level, Hardcore only allows players to use the beginning of level auto-save. Hardcore mode and Regular mode hi scores have separate tables on the hi score server. (*Note: version 2.2b only supports Regular mode online hi scoring*)

In co-op, each player competes to score the most points on a map, or across a whole wad, where the competing scores are clearly seen. A points-spread stat is also visible to tell players how far behind the leader they are.

The ScoreDoom Add-on Pack augments the regular Doom monsters and powerups with well over 250 new monsters, and over 15 new powerups, thanks to it's inheritance from the zdoom & gzdoom engines, and the talented artists and modders in the Doom mod community. Special attention was made to keep the new content as close as possible to the original Doom feel. Furthermore the new monsters and artifacts can be tailored to just how you like it.

Other than that, ScoreDoom looks and plays just like Doom (or ZDoom/GZDoom). There are also some additional aesthetics, like the BloodBath announcer voice which can be turned off or on.
Scoredoom also supports hexen-based Zdoom Hub wads.

AFAIK it started as a gameplay mod for GZDoom.

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Scoredoom has a few parts.
It primarily adds an arcade style scoring system, where you can store your own local hi scores per wad and per level (within the wad), or you can use global hi scores where you compete against other players to have your score posted on the scoredoom.com online hi score tables.
It also supports competitive co-op with this scoring system where you compete to be the highest scorer against other players. gzscoredoom.exe is built from an older version of gzdoom, so networking setup is primitive and is best for a tight group of 2-4 players over LAN or fast internet, (and some newer wads will need to have their MAPINFOs removed ;-)

The other part of Scoredoom is the add-on pack and bonus pack which adds something like 300-400 new doom-like enemies (provided by doom community) which partially replace regular doom enemies, as well as Boss-Rush chains for certain boss-levels and powerups. How the content from the packs are used in Scoredoom can be configured in an extra ini file to tweak/change to your liking.

Finally there is ScoreDoomST which was built from Carnevil's initial Skulltag source code release. This is more for proper client server multiplayer. There are some glitches with this, but the FAQ covers what you should avoid. If its just a couple or more players over the LAN/internet, I would recommend regular ScoreDoom coop.

There was a russian modder who is supposed to port scoredoomst to Zandronum 2.x codebase, but not sure if that will happen.

http://www.scoredoom.com/ Gameplay Concept section goes into detail about the scoring system, and the FAQ section has updated FAQs

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