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A Quartet of Quasars

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Quasars are typically solitary beasts, separated by hundreds of millions of light years. About 100 have been found in pairs. Only two sets of triplets have been discovered, and now, a single quartet.

“This was extremely surprising, as we knew that quasars are very rare objects, and it should be extremely unlikely to find four of them so close together,” Hennawi wrote in an email.

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Wow, that's incredible - Thanks for sharing this, Hellbent!

“Current models of how structure forms in the universe would never predict that there would be so much cool, dense gas around. Instead, those models predict that the gas in such a massive object should be 1,000 times hotter and 1,000 times less dense,” he said

Looks like they're gonna have to rework that model then ;)

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Perhaps those extra quasars were suns which had their energy sucked into a single quasar and eventually died turning into quasars themselves while still next to the first quasar.

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AirRaid said:

Maybe if we had a quartet of Quasars here Eternity mightve been finished.

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