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Don't worry, most of those pageviews are search engine crawlers and spambots probing for weaknesses

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Scuba Steve said:

Just bask in those sweet, sweet, views.

Maybe you're right, i'm just gonna stop posting updates to it here and keep em on Moddb instead .

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Shogun said:

sweet Jesus and i thought i was the only one trying to work on a multiplayer mod for this wad, gj m8

Lol i started working on it back in May, it's pretty much done and is Basically playable, i just need to wait for a Decorate bug (Caused by Zandronum) fix .
By the way a server hosted on BE (Urban Brawl : Last days of Summer) is up right now if you wanna give it a shot .

Captain Ventris said:



Bad news, i removed the Cutscenes .

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doctorno said:

imo you should post some more images and screenshots, and is this for Zandronum or something?

It started as a simple mod for ZDoom but since there's not too many people playing Multiplayer using ZDoom these days, i decided to move it to Zandronum and encountered a bug which i'm still trying to fix .

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