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ChaosCore CTF


After years of on and off work, we're finally releasing a segment of the project. While it wasn't our initial intention to release it separately, it's obviously the most efficient way when considering a project with this kind of goal. In hindsight, it should have been planned like this from the start; However, this project can finally see the light of day. Releasing in segments has also allowed us to focus on the maps that are going to be released rather than focusing on all 50 maps at once; Allowing for more focus on quality control.

We have finalized the first map pack and is intended to be released by May 23rd 2015. I am currently talking with server admins and we expect to have servers running in North America and Europe on both Zandronum and ZDaemon upon release. The thread will be updated day of and we expect everything to run smoothly.

This thread will continue to be updated as we release more maps and update map packs for potential unforeseen bugs. If you notice anything upon release that you believe needs to be fixed, please let us know.

Map Pack I


Core01 Data Core Delta - GhoulSlayeR
Core02 Cosmic Wall - Caution
Core03 Avalon - RoSKing
Core04 Frozen Chaos - AlexMax
Core05 Plan B - Collision
Core06 Circuit Course - Infer
Core07 Deimos Hazzard Zone - GhoulSlayeR
Core08 Periphery of Phobos - RoSKing & GhoulSlayeR
Core09 Obsidian Outpost - Caution
Core10 Sector S - FranckFrag
Core11 Isolation - RoSKing
Core12 Scourge - Collision
Core13 Forsaken Grounds - Infer
Core14 Speed of Dark - AlexMax
Core15 Andromeda Installation - RoSKing
Core16 [Core]T facility - GhoulSlayeR
Core17 Sentinel - Iced
Core18 The Chaos Encounter - Shane
Core19 Wanderlust - RoSKing
Core20 The Hex Core - Infer

Map Pack II has already seen testing sessions and 10 more maps will be expected. The map slots have already been taken so here is a list of what you will see in the near future.

Map Pack II
Release Date: N/A

Core21 Planetary Duality - RoSKing
Core22 New Map - Caution
Core23 EastHaven - Edd
Core24 New Map - Collision
Core25 Data Core Delta II - GhoulSlayeR
Core26 Mephitic Waste - RoSKing
Core27 Sublime Remedation - Shane
Core28 New Map - JCD
Core29 Toxic Refineries II - Fsn76
Core30 Sun Rise - Oxyde

We are expecting 2 more map packs of 10 after this, making a grand total of 50 maps. We have a general idea and have a lot of the maps already laid out. But they are all subject to change and testing so we will release further information as more progress is made.

Thank you all for your time and support.

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Hi Rosking, I ignore if somebody else realized the Titlepic, for my part, I can make GFX from June 15th, then I don't have exams anymore.

Btw, the trailer is just awesome!! Nice job Fsn76 :)

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The links no longer work. :(

The Wayback Machine, as expected, does not have any captures of the original page, so I guess I'm not gonna play this WAD.

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