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GZDOOM - Heretic Coop - sv_noweaponspawn flag not working

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So after a coop session of DOOM2 with my friend we fire up Heretic. All the weapons flagged multiplayer are displaying in the coop game. I disable the command through the menu - does not work, I put it through the console - does not work.

I exit heretic and we play doom2 for laughs. Now Doom2 has the exact same problem. I was able to fix doom2 by disabling and exiting Doom2 and it seems to have saved. But whenever I go into Heretic everything is fucky.

I add sv_noweaponspawn=1 to the .ini under [Heretic.LocalServerInfo]. When I launch it in single player the config will display spawn multi weapons as "no" in gameplay options. When I close and launch the game again it will be displayed as yes and sv_noweaponspawn=1 will be missing from [Heretic.LocalServerInfo].

So before launching the multiplayer.bat gzdoom heretic.wad -netmode 0 -host 2 -extratic -dup 1 -skill 4

I re-update the zdoom.user.ini with sv_noweaponspawn=1 under [Heretic.LocalServerInfo]. Spawn multi weapons is "no" under gameplay options but multiplayer things are still displayed. I haven't been able to find any solutions aside from some guy on zdoom forums removing multiplayer things from the maps, and a Zandronum thread http://zandronum.com/tracker/view.php?id=1282 where some guy can't reproduce the issue and said it works for him.

Running latest version of GZDoom 1.8.2 on host & client. Any ideas peeps?

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sv_noweaponspawn is a DMFLAG, and is not archived or relevant to the INI. You need to set it as a launch parameter.

Edit: Wait, Heretic co-op, not Hexen. :V
From what I just tested, in the latest ZDoom this is actually working. You might want to actually try again with the latest version as suggested below.

SYS said:

GZDoom 1.8.2 on host & client.

Not on netmode 0, you're not. Although ironically you're supposed to be using 0 anyway (especially with only 2 players). And technically nothing is called "host & client" anyway.

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SYS said:

Running latest version of GZDoom 1.8.2 on host & client.

That's not the latest version. In fact it's ancient. I guess you got fooled by the dead homepage. Better check the DRDTeam forum.

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Sure got fooled alright. That's good to know for next time. Thanks Graf & Edward.

Edward850 said:

And technically nothing is called "host & client" anyway.

Well I know it's peers, but sounds better than peer 1 who sets parameters and waits for peer 2 to join.

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