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Make dropfire damage player?

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Hey guys,

It's been months, and now I'm back at it again. I've appropriated the UTNT Flamethrower from Realm667. It leaves fire on the floor temporarily after you use it which deals damage to monsters. I want to know how to edit this so that it deals damage to the player as well. Can it be done simply, like by adding an actor flag, or is it more complicated? I've been able to make a lot happen in my WAD so far, but this is vexing me.

Thanks in advance! Maybe this will pay off when I'm done with my WAD in however many centuries it takes to finish. :P

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I don't recommend doing so. It will be annoying during gameplay. I believe that's the specific reason why the weapon was designed to act this way.

Anyway, it's easy to do. Open DECORATE. See FTFire actor. Look at its states. See the lines with "A_Explode(*, *, 0)", where * are numbers. The third parameter is "hurtshooter" flag, and it is set to 0 in all of the lines. Replace 0 with 1. Then the fire will hurt the player as well as monsters.

Side note: Default value of hurtshooter is 1. Here you can clearly see that the person who coded the weapon purposefully did it so that it doesn't hurt the shooter. Take it as you want.

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Thanks. I know it has potential to be supremely annoying. However, that particular flamethrower is pretty much a cheat weapon because it's so powerful. I've already made it almost impossible to find, but I thought I should take further steps to balance it. It has a limited range, but not nearly limited enough since a lot of my level is relatively enclosed.

My weapon selection thus far:

Doom 64 Fist
Doom 64 Pistol
Doom 64 Shotgun
Doom 64 Super Shotgun
Doom 64 Chaingun
Doom 64 Chainsaw
Doom 64 Rocket Launcher
Doom 64 Plasma Rifle
Doom 64 BFG
Doom 64 Unmaker Laser (all 3 upgrade keys can be found as well)
Hexen Cleric Mace
Wolfenstein/Brutal Doom MP40
UTNT Flamethrower

As it stands, you'll be able to use some judgement regarding where and when to pull out the flamethrower.

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