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question about using models in sprite creation

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do you think an aproach similar to this:


but using models would be valid in the creation of FREE and OPEN CONTENT sprites?

let me put a specific example

take this render that revilution did:

that render was done from a heavely modified version of the PROPRIETARY monster in this video:


as you can see the render itself is very different from the source model. now suppose i where to build a sprite on top of the render, such that it was completly different from the original character, say it ended up looking something like this:


would the resulting sprite be valid as FREE and OPEN CONTENT? Why?

(also this is just an example. i dont intend to do it for freedoom or zauberer, im just asking here because you have experience with doing open content projects)


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raymoohawk said:

that render was done from a heavely modified version of the PROPRIETARY monster in this video:

Derivative work. I wouldn't accept it in a project that needs unencumbered works.

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My personal opinion is that if you're using the original work as a rough guideline to draw something original on top of (like the dinosaur / pinky demon case) then it's probably completely legal.

However I'm not a lawyer so I'm inclined to say "no" just because it's the safer answer: in case I'm wrong, the preferable option is where there's no possible interpretation that could consider it a derivative work.

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thanks for the advice guys. ive decided not to try this aproach, i can always use open arena models, and edit those to the apropriate proportions instead (also this was not intended for freedoom, but for a personal project) or try and make my own models

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