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GZDoom Builder: Floor Textures Don't Move With Sector?

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For example, I have a road texture which is pavement with a double yellow line (128x128). I have a road going vertically. I set the sector's floor texture to the road texture I have, and it should work right? Well, kinda. What's happening to me is that the double yellow line is not directly in the center of the sector so my road isn't evenly split down the middle.


Okay, fine I'll just make the double yellow line its own individual sector and put a regular pavement texture on both sides of the yellow line. Sounds like a plan, right?


Nope. Where is my double yellow line? I'm using the same road texture, but why is it only showing the pavement?


My double yellow line is now static with the actual map units and the textures do not move with the sector. That's not where I want the yellow line!


It needs to be there so my road will be split 50/50 not 20/80. Are you telling me I need to move my entire map just so I can align my double yellow line? What if this happens with another texture in the future? I can't just go ahead and move my entire map again or else it'll fuck my road up again. Plus, moving everything is time consuming and fucks up all my alignment I had already worked hard on. What do?

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Well, that's how plane textures are programmed to work in idTech 1. They're aligned to the world; if they were aligned to the sector, any ceiling, floor, etc. split into several textures would not look like one continuous surface.

However, if you're using ZDoom in UDMF, you should be able to edit the texture's alignment directly in the sector properties menu. If you're using ZDoom in Hexen for ... some reason, you can instead use Sector_SetFloorPanning in an OPEN script. And if you're not using ZDoom or using ZDoom in Doom, well, your best bet is probably just making another version of the road texture that's edited to be aligned with that particular road, which is how people have made teleport pads that aren't on the normal grid in vanilla for quite a while now.

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Ouch, that sounds like a real PITA. But yes, I'm currently using ZDoom in Hexen format but what you're saying is if I use ZDoom in UDMF format it will let me align the texture like I could with normal walls?

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Yes. And quite a bit more; UDMF basically allows arbitrary properties for everything ( things, linedefs, sectors, etc. ) to be added at a moment's notice, unlike the byte format Hexen uses that is fairly resistant to change. Which means that while stuff like sector texture alignment had to be implemented via ACS in Hexen, stuff like that, sector texture rotation, scaling for all textures, translucent linedefs, sector color, floor and ceilings having different lighting from the rest of the sector, etc. can all be simply added as another field in UDMF, and GZDoom Builder is practically built around UDMF so you don't even have to edit all of these values as raw text, you can actually see the changes in-editor and have proper fields for them.

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Just because it's not mentioned, the classic way to do this would be to have a unique texture for the yellow-painted part and then draw the road lines as their own sectors through the middle of the road. That also had the advantage of being extremely flexible when you didn't want to have a lot of textures in a wad. You could draw parking lots, roundabouts, etc. (Who am I kidding? Old FPS games only have parking lots and small strips of road!)

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