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Looking for a WAD I played....

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Hi All,

I'm trying to find a megawad I once played, what I can remember about it is, that there was a good level near the end (25-29) that took place mostly high up on a building. I seem to remember the level being mostly a large L or U shape. I also vaguely remember if having modified wall textures (but I may be wrong). The level in question did have a pretty nice background music track tho.

Does anyone have any idea what level it could be and from what megawad.



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Requests like this one generally should go to this thread (stickied at the top of Wads&Mods).

Anyway, I'm not sure how you mean "high up on a building", would you elaborate on that? Something like Scythe MAP29, which takes place in a canyon with some high buildings in it, and you start inside one of the buildings and eventually visit the rest?

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I might mention Hellbound, which has a lot of cityscapes and plenty of opportunities for base-jumping from the top of buildings! thing is, I think it's a full-blown Hell on Earth theme by the time you're playing the last few maps...

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