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Q3DM6 - The Campgrounds

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I'm presenting a DM map for Zandronum, don't know where the idea came from, I did a research if someone had made this before, but I didn't find anything.

Campgrounds, being one of the most popular maps in Q3, is worthy to port to Doom, IMO.

It's not complete yet, I'll add a lot of detail, texture variation, such things. The base (geometry) is complete, it's the harder part of the process as I experienced.



DL: https://www.sendspace.com/file/n42vzh

I'm open for any advices.

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Most of METAL2/SLIME*/STONE*/SUPPORT3 textures are cut-off or otherwise terribly aligned (not in accordance to their natural seams). The map could use more pronounced light variation, it would really help to make it look good, uniform light level keeps it plain and ugly. I would prefer if steps used actual step textures or at least something different than the cut-off bricks. I can't judge item placement well, but some places seemed to have too cluttered items close to each other. Other than that, good effort.

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I would venture a guess that a deep dark sky would make everything look instantly better

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