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Ten good reasons to build an E1-style level

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10. Using an editor is a breeze
9. Simplicity of design and execution
8. Things don't need to make sense
7. Texturing is as easy as picking your nose when no one is watching
6. Enemy selection is as close to being a no-brainer as you can get in DooM
5. Avoid the "Where should I place the Mega-Hyper-Turbo-Blaster 6006?" syndrome
4. Error checking and node building are complete before you can say "Gee, why can't we set our differences aside and all just be friends?"
3. The sky is fantastic
2. Nostalgia

And the number one reason to build an E1-style level and submit it for the DooM Center contest by July 15, 2001 is ........ (drum roll, please) .........

1. John Romero will actually play your map!!

For a more detailed discussion of these 10 reasons visit:

http://darkesthour.doomcenter.com and click on the "Information" link after you enter the site.

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