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Will Doom 4 be the video game equivalent of Mad Max: Fury Road?

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Based on what we know so far, I think there's some potentially interesting parallels between Doom 4 and Mad Max: Fury Road.

Let's look at both Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior (1981) and the original DOOM (1993). Both installments are very important and inspirational for their respective genres, both are simple in ways that todays movies/games are complex (straight storytelling and no filler) and they're complex in ways that todays games/movies are simple (stunt-work and practical effects for Mad Max, level design for Doom), and they've both aged very well.

Mad Max: Fury Road saw the return of a somewhat irrelevant franchise, it took what made Road Warrior special and and it amped it up to 11, all while using modern technology in ways that helped instead of hindering the formula. The franchise that inspired todays films returned to show how it's done. And it feels fresh.

You can see the parallels with Doom 4. While the original games are hugely inspirational, the franchise has lost some mainstream relevancy, but the new installment seems to forego many modern staples in order to deliver an amped up old-school shooter with some modern twists.

The one main difference between Mad Max and Doom? George Miller, the original creator and mastermind of Mad Max, came back to direct Fury Road. Doom 4 on the other hand is not being handled by Romero and Carmack. Can the current id Software pull off the same feat? Will it be the game that people didn't know they wanted?

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