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Full House (song lyrics question)

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What is a Full House? Is it a house of God that is full? i.e., a church full of people praying? A full house seems to be the fulcrum lyric of this song:

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Oh yeah, hadn't even thought of that (I always think of poker at that line). They're doing a reboot of the show on Netflix and the Olsen twins apparently have no interest in partaking in it. :(

Anyway, have a listen to the song. Josh Ritter is playing tonight near NYC and in NJ and PA in the next couple days.

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I thought the same thing that Kontra did upon seeing the title. Then I thought you were about to reference to having a full house in terms of audience i.e. a full house meaning they are packed and all seats are full.

And I guess....yay for Josh Ritter? Wait, why is this here again?

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Kontra Kommando said:

At first, I thought this was about the TV show, with Bob Sagat and the Olsen twins.

My thoughts exactly, I am disappointed.

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Hellbent said:

What is a Full House?

A full house is when you have trips and a pair

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So he's basically saying all people in the world who aren't part of a full house are screwed? Hmmmmm.......

Clonehunter: what?

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