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Cyber/spiderdemons and pistol starts

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I just played tnt map 13, and found something interesting. If you start from a pistol start/die on this level, there's no real weaponry (rocket launcher or better) to deal with the Cyberdemon. I've never seen this happen in an iwad, though beating it didn't seem to be essential. So that got me thinking - are there any major megawads (Scythe, MM, etc etc) where if you die, you're forced to face a cyber/spiderdemon with a lowly shot/chaingun?

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Surely, there are lots of custom wads where the player is supposed to be chased by monsters (including bosses) rather than fighting them, or take heavy advantage of infighting. These maps take various forms. See Cyberdreams / Archvile Jump. ConC.E.R.Ned E3M1 and E3M9. Valiant MAP19. The intermission maps in Panophobia. Various sadistic challenge oriented maps with high monster counts. Etc.

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