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Changing the pause menu graphic and text colour

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I'm probably searching wrong or something but I can't find this anywhere. I'm trying to change the Doom 2 logo on the pause menu to my own (rather basic and poor looking, but still my own) logo. Not only that but I'm also unable to change the menu text to green, despite being able to change the options menu green too. I can't find anything on the ZDoom wiki about editing the menu graphics. I also want to change the blinking skull graphic to the default flashing arrow graphic like in the options menu, ie. setting selector to "-" but I'm not sure how to do this without it coughing an error up.

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In a copy of your Doom2 IWAD, you'll be looking for GFX files. M_DOOM is the logo on the pause menu, and M_SKULL1 / M_SKULL2 are the flashing skull graphics.

In XWE, it's a simple as exporting them as bitmaps, editing them with your own graphics/pasting a different graphic, and importing it back into your WAD. Make sure they aren't between any markers like S_START and such.

As for changing the text color on the menu, you have to find various M_XXX graphics files, recolor the text (Visual Vincent's Doom Writer is perfect for this) and import it into your wad, same as the ones above.

Hope this helps!

EDIT: In editors other than XWE, you might have to save the images in Doom format after importing them.

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I'm using SLADE to edit my WAD. I'm assuming it's the same though. I've copied in my logo graphic and just named it M_DOOM and that replaced the logo, so now I'm assuming all I have to do now is recolour all the menu graphics and then import those back into my WAD. Thanks for your help.

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SLADE has colour remapping built-in. Just select all your menu graphics, right-click and select Gfx -> Color Remap. You can recolour all your graphics in, like, five seconds without even extracting them from your WAD.

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SavageCorona said:

I haven't got any menu graphics. I'm using the default ones.

In that case, you could open Doom2.wad in SLADE3, find the graphic and recolor it using SLADE3's recolor feature right in the wad, then copy the graphic into your wad which you have open in another tab of SLADE3 (no need to export the graphic at all). Or first copy it, then recolor it, it doesn't matter.

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