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Beau Biden, Son of US Vice President Joe Biden Dies at Age 46

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Beau Biden, the son of the United States vice president Joe Biden, has died at 46 of brain cancer. I didn't know this guy much, but from what I heard, he did some good things. My condolences go to his friends, his father Joe Biden and the rest of his family.

Read these for more info:

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Clonehunter said:

For whatever reason, I initially read this as Beau Bridges and got worried for a second.

Same. I liked him in Max Payne!

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I had no idea about Biden's personal life and early political career. That's one hell of a thing to go through, and I respect that he managed to pull through and overcome it. I couldn't even imagine going through that.

A shame that his son died. I hope that despite any hardships, that he had a fulfilling life. My condolences to everyone close to Biden.

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Goes to show, that even people with all of the money, resources, and connections in the world; can't absolutely insure their life's longevity. That's why you must be thankful for everyday that you are alive.

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