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How to load old doom wads??

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Hey guys I have deathday for doom cd and some various shovelware cd's such as doom heaven 1 . I tried loading some of these wads in zdoom, gzdoom , and doom legacy and nothing works. I try to drag and drop as usual for like zdoom and gzdoom but no go . What am I doing wrong??

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Wrong IWAD? If you could name some of the wads and the CD's they're from I might be able to give more specific answers.

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ok right now im running d1000 and there are two folders doom and doom 2 . For example i click on doom and try for example 1on1.wad and try and drag it to zdoom and my zdoom has the doom.wad and doom2.wad and i drag 1on1.wad into zdoom and it loads up the ultimate doom i click on new game and it just goes to E1M1. I also do not get any error codes.

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Heh, the good old problem of having to look at the README to see what maps a PWAD replaced. Usually it was E1M1 but sometimes E2M1 or E3M1 or something other than that. Similarly, most Doom II PWADs replaced MAP01 but not always. No way to really know unless you read the README.

I bet a lot of people will now request a feature for launchers to auto-warp to the first replaced (in order of level progression) map of loaded PWADs. Launcher authors, be prepared to bundle some WAD-reading logic into your codez *grin*

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Maes said:

No way to really know unless you read the README.

Well there's always "wadwhat" and other similar old DOS programs. Some of them (wadwhat, wadspy...) give tons of info about the wad, including a complete breakdown of the monsters, items, % nukage, and so forth for each map in the PWAD. Other tools just print out the level names and that's it.

Some of the old DOS Doom front-ends also parsed the WAD and showed which map(s) were replaced, and you could even read the TXT file, and sometimes even check out the map geometry (just the outlines, but useful enough if you're trying to remember a particular map...) I'm pretty sure that at least one of those front-ends let you warp automaticlaly to the first map in a PWAD. It's not like this was particularly hard to program.

Btw, wadwhat is portable C code and part of xwadtools package:
It also includes "lswad", a smaller program that just prints out the modified level names. It's pretty useful if you want to script your own front-end stuff...

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