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The Ultimate DooMer

[Hexen] Serpent: Resurrection [New player classes 05/2015]

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Following the return of idgames (thanks everyone involved), I can now push out this major update to Serpent: Resurrection and it's 2 standalone mods. It contains 3 new classes, bringing the total up to 7(!).

Herian is a heretic, as the name suggests. (it works, or I wouldn't have kept him :p)
Kamada is a monk/adept type. (fists of doom, quite literally when you see him fight)
Darahu is an elementalist type. (based on a warcraft shaman instead of just another mage)

Why keep adding stuff you ask? Well, to keep it fresh (for me anyway). So now there are 2 all-rounders (a bit simpler) and 5 specialists (a bit more advanced). And ofc they can all be taken to other Hexen wads via the standalone mods.

Main mod download link (idgames)
RPG mod download link (idgames)
Weapons mod download link (idgames)

The rest of the info (including the changelog) can be found here:


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damn, I'm gonna have to hop on that boat and sail away to start this adventure again. Mad props TUDdles! Might have to hook up my desktop computer again for performance reasons heh

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