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Trying to alter mouse behaviour

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A few days ago I made a topic about racing games that let you build your own track... I've found something even better, cities xl, just draw roads and zoom in, you can scroll along them like driving.

Anyway: rotating the camera requires holding down the middle mouse button, and you have to do it a lot to negotiate corners. Is there some sort of program that would let me toggle it as a constant on/off? I've looked into sticky keys and macros a bit but nothing that will do what I want to the mouse. I guess I could always do a soldering job on it.

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What about rebinding the game's controls rather than your mouse?

Anyway, I Googled "rebind mouse" and it got me many results, this was the first one.

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Technician said:

Mice are wild animals - you can not alter their behavior.

I've found traps and poisons to be first-rate behavior modifiers for small rodents, you should try them some time.

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Gerbils are inquisitive creatures, they piss less than hamsters/mice, and they make great companions when raised in pairs. They love to explore all the negotiable corners of their habitat and hopefully your room.\

OP: invest in a mouse with the godmode 7th buttontab

edit: I own a cocacine-addicted mouse, he is behaviorally-altered and trained. The little guy helps me decide how strong each bag is. We don't snort baking soda if we don't have to!

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Come on guys. Surely my random questions aren't as annoying as Stephanie Smith on the DW facebook group.

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