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The Unclean Mines - Single Map

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Download here.

A map on the MAP26 slot that's a mix of The Abandoned Mines and Grosse, it was originally intended for Switcheroom 2 but it was decided that it deviated too far from Grosse's layout and was rejected. Has difficulty levels and co-op and deathmatch starts.

Thanks to scifista42 for figuring out several bugs that kept this from being vanilla compatible.

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Too hard haha. I liked the design and I thought it was laid out too closely to Grosse if anything. However those chaingunners beat the shit out of me

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FDA, recorded with prboom 2.5.0, cl9. I found it kind of easy and the cybie is avoidable, overall not bad...

I don't seen the function of the keens in the map, since the door can be easily opened without killing them all(i think to found all the keens in the map...)

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