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[Vanilla] The vertice-based HOM effect in detailed areas

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Hey, does anyone know exactly how many vertices/linedefs/whatever-causes-this can be visible at one time before the engine starts drawing HOMs everywhere? Because I keep running into it when I map for Vanilla.

Also, I'm aware it may be caused by something other than vertices/linedefs.

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You're most likely experiencing the 256 DRAWSEGS overflow.

To efficiently design vanilla-compatible maps, get Visplane Explorer plugin for Doom Builder 2 / GZDoomBuilder, it allows you to view (not only) drawsegs and helps locating places with too many of them. Also get Chocorenderlimits, it's a source port based off Chocolate Doom that displays visplanes, drawsegs and other characteristics during runtime - which is also useful for debugging.

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Oh, I've already got Visplane Explorer - but I didn't know it could display Drawsegs.

Thanks again, scifista! :3

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