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[Request] Mod that sets fixed team lives for Survival (Zandronum)

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I use Zandronum for online multiplayer and I've finally got my server to show up on the master list and have everything ALMOST complete. However, one more mod would make everything perfect.

I'm not sure if my server needs to be set to co-op or survival, but I think it'd be cool if there are 100 lives shared for all of the players. Instead of each player having a set number of lives, each time they die it takes one from the team lives bank. MoP has something similar, but I don't want all the Master of Puppets garbage in my server. Someone in the Zandy IRC said what I'm asking for is pretty much impossible unless I'm able to get in touch with the MoP devs and have them develop something similar. Any ideas?

All help would be appreciated. Thank you very much :)

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I know this is a 2 year old thread, but I'd like to bump this. I would really enjoy getting back into multiplayer Doom again, especially when I suck at the game and don't feel like soloing slaughter maps. Has something like this been created yet? Search function is failing me once again.

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